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The discovery of the beauty benefits found in Spanish olives transformed the Japanese company Daikagu Honyaku Center (DHC) into a global skincare empire. Upholding the Japanese philosophy that science and nature should work harmoniously together, DHC ensures that only natural ingredients without irritating or coloring agents are used in their products. Their best-selling purified olive oil dissolves dirt and makeup effortlessly, simply and effectively. Specializing in Asian botanicals and their signature virgin olive oil, the DHC line helps to retain moisture in the skin without clogging pores. DHC believes that natural beauty can only be achieved by bringing balance to your skin.


Japan DHC Medicinal Lip Balm 1.5g


£18.95 £11.95

Japan Yamamoto Barley Grass Juice 3g x 44 sticks


£27.50 £17.95

Japan Yamamoto Barley Grass Juice Powder 3g x 22 Sticks

£16.95 £11.95

Japan Yamamoto Chinese Fat Flow Tea 10g X 24bag

£25.00 £17.95

Japan Yakult My Barley Grass Powder 4g x 60 Stick

£41.50 £32.50

Japan NEO SEVEN BREAK Gel 200g


£37.95 £29.95

Japan NEO SEVEN BREAK Gel for Face 200g

£37.95 £29.95

Japan Venus Lab Bihaku (Whitening) Body Gel 200g

£57.50 £43.50

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Japan Venus Lab VL Svelte Body Gel 200g

£47.50 £34.50