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E-Joy started with “Red Bean Water”, which is popular in Taiwan and Southeast Asian Chinese community, loved by star artists and models and now sold in dozens of countries around the world. Particularly focus on functional health drinks, such as Pearl Barley Water, Red Date and Wolfberry and etc.


Ejia Pearl Barley Water Powder Drink (2gx30)


£23.50 £14.95

Ejia Red Bean Water Powder Drink (2gx30)

£24.50 £14.95

Ejia Red Date and Wolfberry Powder Drink (2gx30)

£32.50 £19.95

日本MINAMI纤之瘦 氨基酸超实感纤体丸6粒x75袋


£43.50 £29.50

日本酵水素 328种蔬果浓缩精华酵素250mgx60粒

£32.95 £22.95

Japan Yamamoto Barley Grass Juice 3g x 44 sticks


£27.50 £17.95

Japan Yamamoto Barley Grass Juice Powder 3g x 22 Sticks

£16.50 £10.95

Japan Yamamoto Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Fat Flow Tea 10g X 24bag

£25.00 £17.95

Japan Yakult My Barley Grass Powder 4g x 60 Stick

£41.50 £32.50